Leftover rice: fried rice recipe

Not again! I always over estimate how much rice I need to make and always end up with a whole lot of rice. Instead just throwing it out, I decided to make some fried rice with stuff I had leftover in my fridge.


  • Rice
  • Soy sauce
  • Frozen peas/corn
  • Ham/ chicken (any leftover meats you may have)
  • Egg (optional)
  • Chicken stock or salt and pepper (optional)
  1. Spray fry pan with some oil
  2. Add about a cup of frozen peas/corn (any vegetables you have)
  3. Cook until soft and add rice
  4. Mix throughly
  5. Add a splash of soy sauce until relatively coated evenly (approximately 3 tablespoon)
  6. Add either chicken stock powder (1 tablespoon) OR salt and pepper to taste 
  7. Make a well in the middle of the rice and crack an egg into the middle
  8. Cook egg and mix well with rice
  9. Serve and Bon appetite! 

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