Carbonara pasta

So usually I make a spaghetti meatballs but I ran out of mince so I couldn’t make it! Luckily I had some bacon, mushroom and Parmesan cheese to make some good old carbonarašŸ‘

  • 200g pasta
  • 50g of Parmesan
  • 100g of bacon
  • Handful of mushrooms
  • 2 cloves of Garlic 
  • 2 eggs
  1. Boil pasta as per instruction packet
  2. Cook bacon in a fry pan until relatively crispy
  3. Add mushroom and garlic. Cook until softened
  4. In a bowl crack two eggs and add the Parmesan cheese. Mix
  5. Once pasta is cooked and drained add to the fry pan. 
  6. Turn the heat off and move the pan away from the heat source
  7. Mix the pasta through the bacon and mushroom.
  8. Add the egg/cheese mixture and stir through until covered
  9. Serve and you can add more cheese on top if you want
  10. Add a bit of salt and pepper on top and you’re done!!!!

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